The Rookie Slash's team is happy and proud to celebrate our first birthday!

Throughout this first year, we had the opportunity to offer 6 activities to our participants! By skating, climbing, diving in summer, and skiing in winter amongst other sports - we managed to use board and outdoor sports as means to include refugees into Geneva's freestyle community. With this post we want to thank every volunteers, coaches, and participants! Without forgetting our donnors and sponsors, without them none of this would have happened!

A big and meaningful thank you to everyone!

At the end of this first year, we took the time to reflect on our experiences - we created our very first annual report! It sums up all the activities we offered, the number and presences of participants, the impact we had, but also the challenges we encountered and the solutions found.

You can find this document to download via the link below:

Thanks again to everyone who made this first year as incredible as it was!

Photos by Bastien Gallay and Océane

Text by Solenne Roger

The Rookie Slash Team <3